Ptex Solutions introduces market leading Mockshop in India

Mockshop gives fashion retailers a competitive advantage by increasing their sales with targeted
product ranges and perfect shopfloor execution.

Today, survival for fashion retailers depends on competing effectively for reduced consumer spend. Retailers must adopt a back-to-basics approach of selecting the right products for their customers and presenting them well. The shopfloor is where customers decide to buy, the shopfloor is where retailers make their sales pitch and the shopfloor is where the battle for survival will be won or lost.

Ptex Solutions, the pioneer of PLM in the Indian fashion industry, introduces Mockshop, a virtual reality tool that allows fashion retailers to build Interactive 3D stores of any size, automatically produce store planograms/merchandising directives and design perfect shopfloor layouts that sell.

Prasham Kamdar, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Ptex Solutions comments “We are delighted to join the Mockshop Solution Provider community. Mockshop really complements our product portfolio and we are extremely confident of its appeal to fashion retailers in India who are concerned with creating perfect shopfloors that sell.”

Colin Liversedge, Director at VR Software adds “I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Prasham and his team. As retail modernisation sweeps across India, the combination of Ptex Solutions’ local and fashion industry knowledge and our Mockshop tool will help Indian retailers to establish a new, efficient and ultra-modern store merchandising infrastructure.”

Mockshop, developed by UK based VR Software, is the market leader in visual merchandising solutions. Clients include Macy’s, La Senza, Adidas, Dillard’s, O’Neill, Tommy Hilfiger, René Lezard and Columbia Sportswear.

Mockshop is designed specifically for fashion retailers& brands. Its 3D virtual store is completely interactive. Users can move around the store, quickly lay out shopfloors and drag and drop garments onto fixtures. Mockshop automatically generates planograms for every fixture and for each and every store grade, which are instantly updated when the user modifies the shopfloor. These automatic processes mean visual merchandisers can focus on creating effective layouts instead of spending hours creating planograms and merchandising directives.

Mockshop also includes a set of range visualisation tools. These allow buyers and merchandisers to see, present and analyse their range using photos or CAD sketches. It gives retailers a clear overview and lets them check that their range is targeted at the shoppers visiting their stores.

Close to 200 clients use Mockshop, including:

René Lezard: The prestigious German fashion brand selected Mockshop to optimise its sales space. “Mockshop makes it quick and easy for us to produce planograms with merchandise and store layouts that really drive sales. This will make the whole planning phase much faster and accelerate execution of our plans on the shopfloor.” (Jan Mangold, Retail Director, René Lezard).

VF Europe: The fashion giant opted for Mockshop to optimize retail space in Europe for its Lee and Vans brands, to ensure that their clothes are displayed as attractively as possible to accelerate sales. “Mockshop stands out from the crowd with its state-of-the-art technology.” (Lucien Smet, CIO, VF Europe).

O’Neill Europe: Europe’s leading manufacturer of functional and lifestyle surf / snowboard sports and casual wear were seeking an effective and time efficient way to present their product ranges and retail propositions to their clients. “We are now producing 40 planograms per week instead of two! That’s a 2000% productivity gain!” (Frank van der Klaauw, CEO, O’Neill Europe).

K & L Ruppert: The German fashion chain improves communication with its branches thanks to Mockshop. “Mockshop enables us to use pictures, rather than written instructions or product lists, to communicate clearly with all of our 57 stores. This ensures our original concept is implemented in a consistent manner.”(Jürgen Bleidiessel, IT Project Manager, K & L Ruppert).


Notes to the Editor

About Ptex Solutions

Ptex Solutionshas partnered with several software companieslike VR Software, Lawson Software, Browzwear and Trendstop to introduce their products to Indian companies within the fashion and retail industry. The company is the market leader in PLM software for Fashion companies in India. Clients include leading Indian fashion companies like Madura Garments, ITC Wills Lifestyle and Gini & Jony.

Ptex Solutions offers the following services:

  • Training of Design Applications
  • Implementation Services
  • Customization and Application Development
  • Report Development

For more information, visit or contact Prasham Kamdar on +91-22-2527 1528 or

About VR Software

VR Software designs and develops visual merchandising software for the fashion industry, using virtual reality and a range of visual tools to improve communication within clients’ organisations. Clients include Macy’s, La Senza, Adidas, Dillard’s, O’Neill, Tommy Hilfiger, René Lezard and Columbia Sportswear.

VR Software helps:

  • Visual merchandising
  • Store openings
  • Range visualization
  • Brands & wholesalers sell-in

The software uses pictures, not words, to make communication clear and simple.

VR Software has been helping the fashion industry communicate since the 1990s, and has clients all over the world. Based in the UK, VR Software has a global network of partners who distribute their software and offer training and support services.

For more information, visit or contact Elaine Barrett-Gall on +44 1423 321 890 or