Our Team

Our team is the strength of our company. With a well-balanced team comprised of seasoned technical and domain experts, Ptex Solutions is equipped to handle implementation or development projects of any size, scale and complexity. Our consultants are globally recognised as PLM as well as retail, footwear and apparel experts by industry-insiders, customers and technology partners alike.
Ptex's technical talent is keyed into current and emerging technology trends. The team is experienced in multiple platforms and works tirelessly to ensure seamless integration as well as engages in active quality testing and provides timely support for critical issue resolution. For mobile applications, the team is capable of working across iOS and Android platforms and can integrate apps with backend as well as cloud systems.

Ptex Solutions' management and business consultants have successfully worked with leading companies across the world, including in:

The United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, UAE, India, Singapore, China, Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to extensive global experience, strong communication and problem solving skills enable our consultants to manage multiple stakeholders effectively. From engaging with business process champions - including planners, designers, product developers, buyers and merchandisers as well as QA, sourcing and IT teams - Ptex's consultants work strategically to ensure smooth PLM system implementation, migration, adoption and support.
Our consultants work to identify existing gaps and potential areas for driving business process improvement or performance excellence and accordingly, customize solutions to fit business requirements.

For more information on our core team or to connect with us, view individual profiles below:

Prasham Kamdar
Prasham brings more than 20 years’ worth of rich global experience across fashion, retail, manufacturing and IT industries.
Prasham has a Bachelor in Clothing Engineering from University of Manchester, UK and Master in Information Systems and Technology from City University, London. He began his career with Gerber Technology, a pioneer in PDM/PLM for the fashion and retail industries, under the tutelage of Mark Harrop, Founder of WhichPLM.
He continued to sharpen his expertise through his work with Global Apparel Network, prior to launching his own business, Ptex Solutions, in India. Over the years, he has witnessed the evolution of PDM from its nascent stage to a comprehensive solution for the Retail, Footwear and Apparel (RFA) industries in the form of extended PLM.
Under the leadership of Prasham, Ptex Solutions has successfully grown into a leading Retail PLM solutions provider across the world. Prasham continues to actively partner with innovative technology companies to provide cutting-edge IT solutions to the fashion and retail industries.
Pankaj Kamdar

The Chairman of Ptex Solutions as well as Prasam Group of Companies, Pankaj Kamdar has more than 45 years of experience in the textile and garment industry as well as successful business entrepreneurship.

A Bachelor of Science graduate from Bombay University, Pankaj began his career as a Management Trainee at Kalico Dyeing in 1973. After seven years, he began building his own garment manufacturing business.
Today, he leads the Prasam Group of Companies, which comprises of Prasam Exports (woven garment manufacturing), Daily Textiles (knit garment manufacturing) and Ptex Solutions. In addition to domestic retailers, Prasam Exports and Daily Textiles supply apparel to leading companies in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, USA, UK and Japan.
Pankaj Kamdar’s domain expertise and keen business acumen are invaluable contributors to Ptex Solutions.
Himanshu Shah

The Vice President of Professional Services at Ptex Solutions, he oversees successful delivery of all projects. He is a Chartered Accountant and a certified PMP with first-hand experience of more than 35 PLM and ERP implementations across multiple geographies and industries.

Prior to joining Ptex Solutions, he worked at Symphony (Harman) as Program Manager and headed their India Services and Global Development Centre for Infor M3 (previously Lawson).

In 2002, Himanshu joined Intentia South Asia, conducting large corporate implementations around the world and across multiple verticals. With an emphasis on fashion, he also worked in the manufacturing, food and beverage, ESM&R and healthcare industries. This cross-disciplinary experience allowed him to hone his skills across multiple softwares.

His experience in advisory services, project and program management led Himanshu to join Ptex Solutions, where he is responsible for the implementation of fashion-focused ERP and PLM products. Himanshu has since built a reputation of surpassing expectations at every stage of his implementation projects.