Consulting & Implementation

Consulting & Implementation

Ptex Solutions' proven track record for successful PLM implementations within the retail, footwear and apparel industries make it a preferred partner for companies across the world. Our PLM implementation projects range in size, scope and scale from solution selection to end-to-end implementation. 

Our business consulting and implementation services include: system integration, data migration, software  and custom app development.

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We closely partner and guide our customers through each stage of implementation:

  • Business process study

  • Configuration

  • Conference room pilot

  • Training to go live

  • Leveraging proven business

  • Implementation best practices

Our implementation approach, evolved over time and continuously refined to meet changing customer requirements, effectively marries micro and macro-level needs:

PLM, or for that matter any software, implementation project success depends on how well business requirements are defined, captured and understood upfront. 

To this end, Ptex Solutions' industry and PLM expertise as well as depth and breadth of experience plays a critical role in driving implementation project success. 

Our consultants are recognised globally for their capabilities, which include a number of successful PLM project implementations within the retail, footwear and apparel industries. To know more about our business consultants and technical team, meet our team