Data Migration

Data Migration

A PLM solution's effectiveness is directly proportional to the quality of data inputed in the system. For organisations transitioning between legacy systems and new applications, safeguarding and transferring historical data is therefore a crucial component of successful PLM implementation. 

Ptex Solutions has extensive experience in ensuring smooth data migration from legacy or older PDM systems to the latest PLM systems. Our methodology involves partnering with companies to create a clear data migration strategy, followed by data cleanup, conversion and migrated data testing. Whether it is migrating libraries, seasonal data or images, we ensure seamless data transfer between systems. 

For more information about our data migration services:

Our Data Migration services may be requested as part of our Consulting and Implementation services or as stand-alone services. The following graphic highlights the different types of data that we can assist in migrating:


Point of measures
Grade rules

Seasonal Data

Historical styles
Material and Trim
Sampling and costing

Images & Documents

Style, Material, trim
How to measure
Technical Drawings
Pattern and marker files