TXT Retail Planning

TXT Retail's assortment planning solution enables you ensure great looking collections while keeping control of desired financial results. Specifically, the Planning solution enables companies to: match flexible product attributes to customer segments, plan collections on a localized basis per delivery window, group stores based on customer preferences, and then create option plans that balance the number of choices to customer tastes, financial requirements and space capacities.

Key functionalities include: 

  • Virtual Style Out: With actual product images, review purchases from every angle and attribute. The buyer can see a completely coordinated floor set that encourages frequent visits and multiple-item purchases. 
  • Excel UI, Pivot Tables edited and manipulated at all summary levels
  • Advanced What-if capabilities with multiple scenarios
  • Workflow management with ability to design sequential, parallel, nested workflows
  • Concurrent Planning and Performance Management with correlated KPIs

For more information:


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