About Us

Ptex Solutions enables retail, apparel and footwear companies to deliver superior business results by harnessing the power of technology.

Founded in 2004, Ptex Solutions pioneered the launch of PLM in the Indian retail industry. Since then, the company has become globally renowned for its successful customer-centric implementation approach.

The company focuses beyond implementation and partners with customers to maximize system adoption, while providing vital on-going support.

A part of the 40 year old Prasam Group of Companies, Ptex Solutions’ approach is rooted in garment manufacturing.

Along with its experienced team, this foundation equips the company to have unmatched insight into the processes involved in taking products from mind to market. 

Over the years, the company has expanded its portfolio of products and services through adding partners that complement its vision, such as: Infor, Visual Retailing, Strategies and TXT Retail
In addition to providing PLM, Planning, 3D design, Visual Merchandising, Critical Path Software and Apps, Ptex Solutions helps companies stay ahead of the curve or find process and performance improvement opportunities by identifying future industry and technology trends. 

Through its many successful implementation projects across retail, apparel and footwear companies in
North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia,
the company has also amassed global business know-how and industry best practices. 



The Ptex Solutions team reflects a balance between fashion and technology expertise. Experienced, efficient, effective, engaging and thoroughly professional, Ptex's team embodies the customer-focused approach that differentiates the company.

Ptex's business consultants have either graduated from fashion institutes or worked in apparel, retail and manufacturing companies prior to joining the company.

With more than 12 years of implementation experience, the consultants are expert solution providers who are able to anticipate common problems and proactively map typical business requirements.

As a complement, Ptex's technical team is the backbone of the company and is well-versed in key platforms (including Microsoft technology) for software development, customisation and integration.

With extended expertise in both iOS and Android platforms, the mobile apps development team is capable of integrating apps with backend as well as cloud systems.



Customers are at the heart of Ptex Solutions' business. From retailers, private label brands and manufacturers to sourcing companies, the company has helped many companies maximise their return on investment in PLM.

In addition to different types of businesses, PTex Solutions also works across different sizes of organisations around the world.

Specifically, the company has worked with Fortune 500 as well as small and mid-sized businesses across the entire PLM journey from solution selection and implementation to go live, adoption and post-implementation support. 


The company’s industry-rooted philosophy is reflected in its approach to partner selection. Through building and maintaining strategic partnerships, Ptex Solutions has evolved beyond its position as PLM market leader to leading global fashion technology solutions provider.

Going forward, the company plans to continue its aggressive expansion through establishing strategic partnerships with best-in-class companies that align with its vision of leveraging technology to drive innovation and growth.


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