Critical Path

Time & Action

While PLM integrates seamlessly with ERP, Ptex understands that the overall PLM-ERP process needs to be visible from end-to-end to avoid potential pitfalls or bottlenecks. To help improve process flow and efficiency, Ptex Solutions' has developed a unique software solution, Time and Action (TNA), which enables companies to monitor the critical path from PLM through ERP

Specifically, TNA is a configurable, web-based solution that enables organizational departments to increase user visibility and focus on key activities by tracking key product lifecycle milestones like planning, design development, sampling, manufacturing and delivery. 

The user-friendly, versatile and flexible solution is adaptable for use with virtually any ERP/PLM system combination, especially Infor M3 and Infor Fashion PLM (link to PLM page). 

For more information on our proprietary Time & Action (TNA) software: 

Key features and functionalities

Workflow & Templates

User-defined activity templates with flexibility to upload/download data via MS EXCEL. Provision to create multiple templates and copy existing workflows. Customisable rule-based workflow with flexible escalation rules based on issue and organisational structure.

Seamless Interface

Seamless integration with PLM, ERP, ASN, etc. systems allows for real-time data viewing and provides end-to-end supply chain visibility and transparency.

Notification and Automatic alerts

Status alerts sent as emails with links to the specific task for various milestones. Involved personnel are kept informed of the progress and escalation notification to management.

Critical Path Tracking

Access control and approval hierarchy trigger checkpoints at critical milestones. Dynamic links to critical path data residing in Client PLM and ERP systems offer a single integrated view of a style’s progress and let individuals or departments proactively reduce supply chain failures.

Task Scheduling and Real Time Tracking

Task allocation based on pre-defined business rules. Ability to: view color-coded priority to-do lists, modify or schedule activities in real time and take proactive measures to ensure smooth and timely task completions.


Flexible, real-time, pre-defined reporting to make informed decisions and proactively eliminate bottlenecks. Graphical representation of data in Dashboard, Gantt Chart and Critical Path allows data analysis for better control, monitoring and action.