Visual Merchandising


Mockshop gives fashion retailers complete creative freedom. It’s a virtual reality tool that lets them build interactive 3D stores of any size, and design perfect shopfloor layouts by simply dragging and dropping virtual fixtures, garments and graphics. Mockshop’s planograms then communicate this vision to their colleagues. They get perfect shopfloors – all from the comfort of their PCs.

Planograms provide a complete visual guide to every fixture in the virtual store, clearly showing how they should be merchandised and giving foolproof visual instructions that even the newest member of staff will be able to follow.

Mockshop generates planograms automatically, so it’s quick and easy to produce as many versions as needed to cover each and every store grade.

Working with Mockshop is quick, easy and cost-effective. Retail clients have achieved double-digit sales growth and a 2000% increase in productivity.

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